What’s next for ESG and sustainable investing - Nicole Connolly

December 7, 2020

Nicole Connolly, Head of ESG and portfolio manager for Fidelity Women’s Leadership Fund, says Covid-19 brought more attention to how companies are treating their employees and customers. ESG has done well through the Covid-19 drawdown and has a lot of momentum going forward. Year to date in the equity space, there are $180 billion inflows into ESG funds globally.  That is more than double the inflow compared to last year.  She reminds investors that ESG simply put is about sustainable investing and sustainable investing allows investors to align their capital with their value, while also providing downside protection, risk management, and opportunity through looking at various ESG factors.  She believes investors are starting to become more educated on ESG.  They understand that they don’t have to sacrifice performance to invest sustainably.  Nicole points out that it’s not too late to invest in ESG and there will be a lot more opportunity to come in the space.

Recorded on December 3, 2020.