Vaccine race, second waves and sector updates - Alex Gold and Dr. Judith Finegold

October 13, 2020

Portfolio managers Alex Gold and Dr. Judith Finegold discuss a second wave of the virus as it hits specific communities, cities, and countries around the globe.  They talk about the implications of the virus on the global health care industry. The vaccine race is front and centre in this discussion as well, as Judith explains how companies who are leading the development of the vaccine will undergo numerous challenges, as some of the vaccine components currently being used in these clinical trials have never been used in this capacity prior and are not approved yet. From an investment standpoint, Alex believes many of these companies have goals to distribute the vaccine on a non-profit basis which may hurt their ability to generate higher revenue levels.  They also discuss areas of healthcare that are investable and the huge rise of telemedicine.

Recorded on September 29, 2020.