U.S. equities: Long-term investment trends beyond the presidential election - Kyle Weaver

September 28, 2020

Portfolio manager Kyle Weaver shares views on U.S. equities and long-term trends beyond the upcoming elections and ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Kyle, who manages the recently launched Fidelity U.S. Growth Opportunities Class, shares his investment philosophy and what he looks for when investing in companies. Kyle calls this one of the most volatile years he’s ever experienced, but notes that Fidelity U.S. Growth Opportunities Class is always positioned to add to opportunities if they should arise. March and April offered a great example of the Class in action: there were so many forced sellers in the market that it was a great opportunity to add to Kyle’s favourite names at prices that were extremely low – as much as 50–70% cheaper than they were in January. While Kyle finds the search for breakthrough growth stocks the most exciting, because of their potential to generate high returns, he won’t take his eyes off mega-cap stocks. They remain the most important names in the index and in his portfolio. 

Recorded on September 16, 2020.