Top things to know about global markets - Patrice Quirion

April 20, 2020

Global equities portfolio manager Patrice Quirion shares his key points for investors to consider right now. Patrice believes there are reasons to be optimistic about the pace of recovery once the virus appears to be under control. This is assuming a recovery happens in weeks or months, as opposed to quarters from now. His reasons for believing there may be a faster-than-expected recovery include the fact that interest rates are now at 0% across the globe, and that fiscal stimulus is now being deployed (and likely will become more aggressive in the short term). Also, low oil prices provide additional consumer stimulus and perhaps most importantly, the global consumer was generally in a good position entering this economic event. We could therefore see a lot of demand being potentially delayed instead of disappearing entirely, which may create an environment supportive of a quick economic recovery.

Recorded on April 16, 2020.

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