Thinking outside the box: Founder-led companies in 2021 - Dan Kelley

June 29, 2021

Portfolio manager of Fidelity's Founders Class Fund, Dan Kelley, discusses the evolution of his fund and provides insights on sectors he is interested in for the rest of 2021.  Founders Class stemmed from an idea over five years. With extensive research and support from the quantitative research team, Dan discovered that founder-led companies tended to be highly correlated with outperformance. Founders are large investors and owners of a business, so their interests are very aligned with shareholders.  He tries to find companies he believes can be the next large-cap or mega-cap when they are at the early stages of growth. He embraces more cyclical sectors and has shifted a little more to higher quality names from the higher beta names. 
Recorded on June 22, 2021