The health of global dividends: Opportunities and challenges - Ramona Persaud

November 20, 2020

Global dividend investor Ramona Persaud takes you through her worldview and describes where she is seeing opportunities and challenges. Ramona notes that the U.S. market has outperformed the rest of the world for a long time. Valuation dispersion – a reflection of the measure of interest in the U.S. vs. the lack of interest in the rest of the world – has remained very wide, and that seems justified, because fundamentals in the U.S. were better than in most of the rest of world. We are now at the point where the rest of the world is much cheaper than the U.S., and we have to decide whether it makes sense to make different regional allocations. If you believe in a global recovery, as Ramona does, it might make sense to rotate out of the U.S. and into other parts of the world. Ramona has been finding new ideas across sectors in Europe, particularly in the U.K., but also in continental Europe, as well as in emerging markets. 

Recorded on November 18, 2020.