Portfolio Construction Series: Second-Quarter Themes to Watch - Andrew Clee & Paul Ma

March 19, 2021

Andrew Clee, VP of Products and Paul Ma, VP and Lead Portfolio Strategist, are back on FidelityConnects to talk about portfolio construction. Specifically, themes that have emerged in the early part of 2021, including factor and ETF strategies to consider.  Paul believes the market indicators now reflect the back half of the early cycle where value and small cap stocks make a comeback.  Andrew notes that large cap stocks tend to do well in recessionary periods, but lag slightly in the early cycle.  Paul expressed his interest in the trend of Canadian and international equities outselling U.S. equities which is unusual in recent years.  Both also touch upon inflation, dividends in a 60/40 portfolio, and global growth versus North American value.  

Recorded on March 9, 2021.