Jurrien Timmer’s market outlook - November 30, 2020

December 4, 2020

Looking forward to 2021, Jurrien Timmer, Director of Global Macro, believes we could see the economy running hot to due pent-up demand, as well as possible rotations from growth to value, from U.S. to international markets and from large caps to small caps. There are a lot of questions about what 2021 will look like, and the answers depend on a multitude of factors, including the widespread availability of a vaccine. Jurrien adds that China is leading the global recovery, and China and Taiwan both appear to have returned to pre–COVID-19 levels. Emerging markets are driven by China, which supports emerging markets as a theme for 2021, especially with the U.S. dollar coming down. For more of Jurrien’s research, he can be followed on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @TimmerFidelity

Recorded on November 30, 2020.