Jurrien Timmer’s global macro view - June 28, 2021

July 2, 2021

Jurrien Timmer, Director of Global Macro, shares his latest research across a range of different topics with host Pamela Ritchie. Jurrien says the COVID-19 resurgence discussion affects the market as bond yields are down from the highs and stocks going back to favouring the stable growers. He hopes that the vaccine will be able to mitigate some of the effects. Also, the housing market impacted financials as it leads to a wealth effect. Jurrien notes that on one side, those who have been unemployed and are collecting cheques, and on the other side, you have people who have remained employed and haven’t been able to spend money. Jurrien also discusses whether now is the time to go back to technology or stick with dividend-paying stocks. He shares that tech companies have strong cash flow; they don’t pay dividends typically, but they do buybacks. Follow along with Jurrien’s charts on Twitter: @TimmerFidelity

Recorded on June 28, 2021.