Inflation on the rise? – Ilan Kolet and Dirk Hofschire

June 10, 2021

Institutional Portfolio Manager Ilan Kolet and SVP of Asset Allocation Research Dirk Hofschire discuss what rising inflation means for investment portfolios and asset allocation. Ilan talks about the dangers of inflation shock, noting that we should be more concerned with the medium-term, underlying inflation that could change things. Dirk also adds that we are currently in an environment where it is difficult to tell whether the growth is real or it is inflation since inflation is difficult to measure.  Additionally, they discuss the degree to which equitable policies are sustainable and offer insight into how real assets may play a part in asset allocation with respect to inflation protection.  Dirk comments on the economic reopening saying he believes there are many potential tailwinds as consumers are ready to spend and release their pent-up demand impulses.  
Recorded on June 4, 2021