Global asset allocation perspectives: Fourth-quarter outlook - David Wolf

September 29, 2020

Former Bank of Canada advisor and portfolio manager David Wolf weighs in on changing monetary and fiscal policy, and shares his outlook and positions on asset classes and regions. The Global Asset Allocation (GAA) team is focusing on the defensive aspect of multi-asset funds. The GAA team is currently moving into an environment where the traditional 60/40 set-up will not work as well; as a result, they need to rely on research to be more creative in how they reduce potential risk. Looking at the upcoming U.S. election, David believes because you can’t guess the winner or call the process, that the most reliable prediction is that no matter what happens, the aftermath has the potential to be messy. However, it might also create opportunities for the GAA team to find cheap options in the resulting turbulence. David also comments on the Canadian dollar, the Canadian housing market, Europe, and emerging markets.

Recorded on September 15, 2020.