Focus on value through volatility - Dan Dupont

September 23, 2020

Portfolio Manager Dan Dupont joins host Pamela Ritchie for another FidelityConnects podcast. Dan manages all or portions of Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund, Northstar, Monthly Income and Income Allocation. In this episode, he discusses his downside protection focused investment style and how he is currently investing in the oil and gas sector. He also shares his thoughts on the gold trade, and why now might be a good time to pause. Dan also notes that the tech sector is back to where it was four to five weeks ago, which he sees as an opportunity to reposition. If you're nimble and know your stocks, the market will give you other opportunities to buy securities. Looking into the future, Dan's bet for the next 10 years or so is that Europe, Asia, and emerging markets will outperform the US. 

Recorded on September 8, 2020.