Focus on dividends - Don Newman

June 14, 2021

Inflation continues to ripple through the economy, and many investors wonder how they should position portfolios for income and capital appreciation. We welcome Don Newman, portfolio manager of Fidelity Dividend Plus Fund to discuss the outlook for dividend-paying companies and dividend yields as the environment begins to change. Don says fundamentals currently look good, valuations started relatively low, and the economy is doing well; because of this, dividends are an attractive place to be. He also shares his thought on inflation, noting that he believes there are two sides. On one side, there is going to be inflation, and on the other side, it is secular because you can't have long-term inflation when you have demographics trending older. Don has three different buckets he likes: secular growers, good stable dividend companies, and beaten-up deep cyclicals. Additionally, he believes that Canada will benefit from reopening and discusses positioning for a rise in interest rates.

Recorded on June 8, 2021.