Expert panel: Generating alpha using factors - Andrew Clee, Jing Huang and Andres Rincon

June 16, 2020

Our expert panel for today’s podcast features Andrew Clee, VP, ETFs, Fidelity Investments Canada, Jing Huang, Director, BMO Capital Markets, and Andres Rincon, Director, ETFs, TD Securities. The panel discusses the fastest growing trends in the market, how to build your ETF strategy, and maximizing ETFs to tackle ongoing market volatility. April saw low inflows into ETFs of $650 million, but May saw inflows increase significantly, up to $2.5 billion, and a resumption of risk-on trading. Andrew and his associates note that advisors are inquiring about specific asset classes, with lots of interest in commodity-based ETFs and gold, and that they have recently seen a lot of smaller names in the gold space adding value to portfolios. The last 13 years have seen a trend in growth, but value is starting to take over. In keeping with this trend, Fidelity launched value and momentum factor ETFs on June 10.

Recorded on June 11, 2020.