Exclusive interview with an investing legend - Will Danoff

April 24, 2020

Portfolio manager Will Danoff, manager of Fidelity Insights Class, discusses his outlook for the U.S. and global markets. Will’s investment mandate is focused on capital appreciation, with a growth bias. He believes stock prices have a strong correlation to earnings-per-share, which is why he seeks companies that have a positive long-term outlook for earnings. During the market downturn due to COVID-19, Will has made little to no change in his investment process. He notes that the market has become very short-term-oriented; he thinks in terms of three- to five-year time periods, as opposed to what the market may be focusing on. In the current circumstances, Will reminds investors of the benefits of working with an advisor to reflect on their investments and financial goals.

Recorded on April 20, 2020.

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