ETF Portfolio Construction: Catalysts to watch for in 2021 - Andrew Clee and Paul Ma

January 9, 2021

Our experts Andrew Clee, VP of ETFs, and Paul Ma, VP and Lead Portfolio Strategist, lay out the catalysts the could affect your portfolio in 2021.  They say the main catalysts are the global rollout of a vaccine, ongoing political issues in the States, and factors in equity and fixed income markets.  Furthermore, Paul believes we are going into an early cycle where small cap and value should outperform.  He says recessions are essentially a cleansing mechanism for small caps.  The ones that have survived will gain market share and thrive.  As for further signs of a rotation in 2021, Andrew says you just have to look at central banks. As they pour liquidity into the market this is a very supportive indicator of equities.  This is also indicative of a taper tantrum and it will be very important to see what happens in the yield curve in 2021. 

Recorded on January 7, 2021.