Dividend investing in the second half of 2021 - Ramona Persaud

July 12, 2021

As economies worldwide are transitioning to a new normal, investors discuss other transitions that might also be underway. Portfolio manager Ramona Persaud shares how she is approaching her portfolios as we transition from early to mid-cycle, her thoughts on ESG investing, and the sectors in which she finds opportunities. Ramona runs Fidelity U.S. Dividend Fund and is the sub-portfolio manager on many popular mandates. She was also recently named one of the 20 top female portfolio managers in the United States by Citiwire USA. Ramona shares that during the mid-cycle phase, things usually slow down as we are no longer at a blistering recovery pace. She says that she is leaning towards defensives; however, there’s good valuation opportunity in cyclicals related to pandemic recovery outside of the U.S. Ramona advocates for ESG investing and believes that capital should play a role in improving the world over time and not damaging it.

Recorded on July 7, 2021.