Denise Chisholm’s sector and factor perspectives - July 7, 2021

July 10, 2021

Many investors have recently been bombarded with conflicting information from the news and social media. Denise Chisholm, sector strategist, is back on the program to provide clear information on what may be ahead in the overall markets. Denise and host Pamela Ritchie discuss the U.S. payroll report, and Denise notes the report shows us how different this cycle is relative to past economic recoveries. Denise also identifies that wages are hitting an all-time high, but the number of jobs available is not confirming this. Denise shares that as much as valuation is informative, it is not predictive of what the equity market is pricing in. One of the predictive indicators she prefers is the dislocations in the equity market relative to the dislocations in the credit market. Additionally, Denise shares her thoughts on the direction of the U.S. dollar, and she’ll provides some comments on the market noting that she’s seen a rotation into cyclically oriented sectors as well as a mini rotation from value to growth.

Recorded on July 7, 2021.