COVID-19, vaccines, and the 2021 healthcare sector outlook - Alex Gold & Dr. Judith Finegold

January 21, 2021

Alex Gold, portfolio manager for Fidelity Global Health Care Fund, and Dr. Judith Finegold, portfolio co-manager, discuss vaccine distribution, their fund positioning, and what the Biden administration means for healthcare and investors. Alex and Judith are concerned about developing countries not receiving doses in the foreseeable future. They are also keeping an eye on the new COVID variant. As the Biden administration comes into power, there are going to be more potential changes to the healthcare system.  They say even after the vaccine rollout, there may be spikes of the virus every few months or years. They say many evaluations for the healthcare market are very cold. As the vaccine rolls out, certain healthcare industries should return back to normal. 

Recorded January 19, 2021.