Capitalizing on out-of-favour investment themes - Hugo Lavallée

October 1, 2020

Hugo explains how his contrarian style of investment has opened up opportunities. He manages both the Canadian Opportunities Fund as well as the Greater Canada Fund. He says he takes a two to three year rolling time horizon when looking at specific companies meaning that he looks at companies he can buy and what has fallen, but will be better in two to three years. He believes that consumer trends have been accelerated, specifically the work from home culture, travel, and an increase in outdoor actives just to name a few examples. He is also seeing a massive trend in green initiatives, which is something he is incorporating in his portfolio. And when asked what types of companies he’s investing in, he points out that’s it’s not only about what you own, it’s about what you don’t own. He says the message he wants to leave clients is that there is always something to buy, it just takes time to find it. 

Recorded on September 23, 2020.