Canadian market watch - Joe Overdevest

April 2, 2020

Joe Overdevest, director of research and portfolio manager, is confident the Fidelity ecosystem is built for this type of unprecedented disruption, thanks to Fidelity’s global reach, access to CEOs and technological capabilities, and he notes the current situation has not disrupted, but energized, the existing processes. With the type of indiscriminate selling the market has been seeing, he and other Fidelity portfolio managers have been leveraging each other’s insights to ensure no potential opportunities are missed. Joe is generally positive on Canadian banks, because the government has been cooperating and acting fast to support the economy. In global natural resources, companies with strong balance sheets and low valuations have been subject to the same indiscriminate selling, and this could lead to potentially great opportunities in pipeline companies and renewable energy names.

Recorded on March 31, 2020.

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