Breaking down North American equity markets - Darren Lekkerkerker

October 27, 2020

Portfolio manager Darren Lekkerkerker discusses investing in North American equity markets, with a focus on high-quality securities, against the backdrop of U.S. elections and global uncertainty. Darren is positive on the market. He believes there is plenty of monetary stimulus, and that there will soon be even more fiscal stimulus. Currently, Darren is following a home-centric trend, and expects home builders, painters and decorators will do well as people continue to spend more time at home and move farther away from cities into larger homes. He sees e-commerce and housing as two themes that will continue to play out after the pandemic; they have a lot of durability. He notes that larger and vertically integrated companies could continue to benefit, because they have stronger supply chains in place and are able to meet growing demand.

Recorded on October 20, 2020.