Asia-Pacific outlook 2020 - Eileen Dibb

July 17, 2020

Portfolio manager Eileen Dibb provides her outlook for the Asia-Pacific region as fears of a second wave of COVID-19 cases grip markets. Eileen manages Fidelity AsiaStar® Fund and Fidelity Japan Fund, and going into the pandemic, the portfolios were positioned to hold more stable companies in industries with positive trends. Now Eileen is looking for stocks that she believes will perform with or without the virus, and is searching for options such as companies with online solutions that aren’t as likely to be affected by a disruption of brick-and-mortar stores. India is one of Eileen’s favourite places to invest, because she believes it has great long-term potential. However, the short term for India isn’t as promising, because the country wasn’t as strongly positioned going into the virus as other countries. India has lagged in infrastructure capabilities in the past, but if stimulus could be aimed toward infrastructure, the country could see great long-term benefits.

Recorded on July 10, 2020.