2021 investment landscape: ETFs, alts and innovations to watch - Andrew Clee

January 17, 2021

Andrew Clee, Vice President, Product, and Dave Bushnell, Senior Vice President, Advisor National Sales, explore the investment product landscape in 2021 and beyond, including ETFs, liquid alts and other innovations. Andrew believes 2020 was the comeback of active management, and investors in passive products did not see the magnitude of returns seen in active ones. Looking forward, he believes that so long as there’s volatility, there’s opportunity for all investment styles. Low volatility mandates have been in Canada for 11 years and 2020 was the first year we saw net outflows; many outperformed in March but lagged on the rebound. Instead, money flowed into high quality and value mandates. Another major change Andrew notes in the ETF space is the shift from passive to active fixed income exposure.

Recorded on January 14. 2021.